You got the interview – here’s what you should do next to prepare


Picture this – You applied for your dream job and just received notification that you have a first round interview a week from now. If you’re like most people that I know, you just got really excited, maybe called your family or friends and then really panicked when the reality hit you…the interview is in a week! How can you possibly be prepared in that amount of time? It’s completely possible.


Here’s 3 steps to get you ready to nail the interview!


1.  Research

Research the company in-depth (or if you’re an internal candidate, the department) that you are interviewing with and be prepared to answer any questions such as “Why company X?” or “What have you heard about department X?”. You would not believe how many times I’ve asked candidates the simple question “Why company X” and they could not give me an answer other than “I like your products “ or “my friend works here”.



Use your existing network (for quick tips on how to start leveraging your network today, use this guidebook) to learn more about the company/department that you are interviewing with – tips and feedback from someone with personal knowledge is invaluable!


2.  Review

Review the job posting again and make sure that you’re prepared to help the Hiring Manager understand how your experience matches up to their need.



Identify the top 3 needs in the job posting and match those needs to your skill set and experience so that you are able to help the Hiring Manager better understand why you’re a great fit for the position.


3. Practice

Practice makes perfect.  Recruit a friend or family member to mock interview you so that you are comfortable when you’re doing the real thing. This will help decrease any nervousness that you may have during the interview because you’ll be comfortable with basic questions and how you want to respond to them.



If you could benefit from professional support, check out these resources on our SERVICES and COURSES page.



Our next blog will focus on what you should do the day before and the day of (prior to) the interview.